Done the miles

Infobricks Technology was incorporated in the year 1996. We are one of India's advanced information technology companies. A pioneer in the product development arena, Infobricks is also a total systems integrator and a software solutions provider. Infobricks helps businesses connect with the enterprise, empowering them to transform and reinvent their business. We simplify the complexities of technology, thereby allowing our clients to focus on driving their business forward.  One of our flagship products was a Maritime B2B which addressed the procurement cycle of the shipping industry, bringing on to the platform ship managers and suppliers for fleet wide consolidated purchases.  Infobricks also addressed the Mobile industry with their Process and Data Management (PDM) product which assisted Mobile operators to rollout base stations, right from surveying and identifying locations to installation of mobile towers.  Furthermore, we were the sales and implementation partner of one of the largest Maritime Solutions provider in the industry. This Marine ERP is, perhaps, the single largest and complete solution available to the Maritime Industry with over 600 unique clients and several thousand ocean going vessels under management. Infobricks has consistently clocked one of the highest sales figures within this group with the largest customer acquisitions.  With years of experience under our belt and exposure to a variety of experiences we were able to refocus ourselves and think about the future of computing. 


Going for gold

Networks are our future. Infobricks aims to provide comprehensive solutions to this rapidly changing industry. Our team is committed to deliver high quality, robust and user friendly solutions to our clients. We endevour to create cutting edge technology through simplification, conservation and collaboration.  We are committed to this process through a continous process of innovation.


The Challange


At the moment we are pushing the envelope in the next generation of computing.  Our product will revolutionise the digital world of tomorrow. The system enables a user to integrate disparate systems on any platform into one single environment accessable anywhere.  With full manageability and a comprehensive collaborative environment, the system liberates the user from any device constraints.