Where is it?


Cybercomb runs on industrial grade infrastructure provided by our partner IBM.  This platform is available to everyone from Government, Financial Institutions, Industries, Universities, Schools, Home Users, Villages, The Under Privileged and so on. Now everyone has access to state-of-the-art technology.

What does it look like?


We give a new meaning to cloud computing.  From now on all your information and computing needs will be centralised.  A user will be able to consume all applications on demand, videos and music on demand, connect with different devices,  share information between devices, collaborate with the globe, share content by the click of a mouse, communicate with everyone, all done through a secure encrypted platform.  Never again would a user loose data, have it stolen, or have to go through the cumbersome process of shifting data between devices.

What is it?


Cybercomb is a game changing product built on the next generation of computing technology.  It is an industrial grade computing architecture which is future proof.  It will radically change the way we consume computing power, where we consume it, and how we consume it. Cybercomb will democratise the world and computing will no longer be consumed only by the elite, but will be available for all humanity.


What does it do?


Cybercomb is an always on always available computing platform.  It provides state-of-the-art computing infrastructure at a minimal cost to the comsumer. For the consumer it means that there is no longer a need to continously invest in computing infrastructure but will have it available on demand.